The 2024 Virtual Tour of Britain Schedule, Rules and Leaderboard are Below

The Virtual Tour of Britain returns in Spring 2024, the game dates being as follows:

  • Sat 9th March
  • Sun 21st April
  • Sat 18th May
  • Sat 15th June
  • Sat 5th September
  • Sat 26th October
  • Sat 16th November
  • Sunday 17th November

Results for the Tour of Britain will be published here once the tournament begins, so keep watching this space!

vTOB 2024 LeaderboardToB 2024 Rules

2023 Tour Results

Congratulations to His Royal Highness Bradley Grace on an impressive victory in the 2023 virtual Tour of Britain, wresting the crown out of Tim Crosby’s vice-like grip in the final game of the tournament!
After achieving three best-countries, his victory was clinched on the final weekend of the Tour with an excellent result against very strong opposition.
For the second consecutive year an honourable mention for Jason Bennett, who retained his title of Prince of Wales after clinching an impressive second place and stayed on Bradley’s coat-tails up to the very last game. Can he make it third-time lucky in 2024??

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