2022 Virtual Tour of Britain Schedule:

2022 Virtual Tour of Britain Schedule

Round 1 – Sunday 27th March

Round 2 – Saturday 14th May

Round 3 – Sunday 12th June

Round 4 – Sunday 10th July

Round 5 – Saturday 10th September

Round 6 – Sunday 11th September

Round 7 – Saturday 29th October

Round 8 – Sunday 30th October

Play will start at 4pm UK time on each date. Games will run until the adjustment phase following Autumn 1910, or an earlier unanimous draw vote.

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2021 Tour Results

Congratulations to Queen Seren I on her impressive victory in the 2021 virtual Tour of Britain!
Her victory was clinched on the final weekend of the Tour with an excellent result against very strong opposition.
An honourable mention is also deserved for Morgante Pell, runner up and therefore dubbed Prince of Wales, for a really strong Tour and a very close second place. Can he wrest the crown out of Her Majesty’s grip in 2022?

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Virtual Tour of Britain 2021 Results

2021 Virtual Tour of Britain Results:


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